Why a Comenius Project on Environment?


Pollution means contamination of the environment at all levels; therefore we can speak of soil contamination (waste dumps, rubbish, chemicals used for agriculture), water contamination (poisonous waste released by factories into the sea or rivers), air contamination (petrol burning, smog, toxic gases… ), ear contamination (traffic, radios, television-sets…).

We all contribute to this general pollution with our careless attitude and with our lack of respect towards nature.

With our behaviour and our insensible use of the advances in new technology, we run the risk of altering nature and making life more and more difficult and distressful for us and all living creatures: desert will extend to green areas all over the world, animals shall become short on food, and we shall suffer from many diseases caused by polluted air, unbearable noises and harmful food.

Actually we all can do a lot to avoid pollution to our environment. There isn’t much time left, but we know that small actions and good practises  towards the place where we live seem to be essential to start saving our Planet. So:


“Go green, go clean: act now!”

Coordinating School

Denmark: Sennels Skole – Thisted
POC  Mrs. Jytte Gill



Belgium: Sint Jan Berchmansschool Viversel (Vrije    Basicschool) – Heusden-Zolder
POC Mrs. Rita maes, Mr. Koen Beerten


Cyprus: A’ Dimotiko Scholeio – Aradippou
POC  Mr. Panikkos Xiourouppas


Greece: 8th Dimotiko Scholeio – Neas Smyrnis (Athens)
POC Mrs. Stavroula Makaronopoulos


Italy: Scuola secondaria di primo grado “G. Borsi” – Livorno
POC Mrs. Patrizia Salutij


Poland: Szkola Podstawowa Nr. 20 im. Ks. Prymasa Stefana Kardynala
Wyszynskiego – Bydgoszcz
POC Mrs. Ewa Navrocka


Portugal: Agrupamento vertical de escolas Diogo Cão  –  Vila Real
POC Mr João Jill


Romania: Scoala Cu Colasele I-VIII Rediu – Iasi
POC Mr. Daniel Lozba



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